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SanderCard sold in the USA
SanderCard available at Amazon
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SanderCard UK Stockists
SanderCard Block Sanders Available at
SanderCard Block Sanders Available at
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SanderCard is made in Britain. Patented

SanderCard's Ultra-slim profile has many uses

  • SanderCard sands directly into corners more efficiently than sanding blocks or foam sanding pads.

  • SanderCard is flat and rigid, with some flex in it, this 'flex' creates torque to apply downward force when sanding in corners, profiles, and flat surfaces, all achieved without switching hand sanding tools.

  • SanderCard is versatile, it uses a VELCRO® Brand fixing so that most makes of hook & loop abrasive paper can be used. You also can easily swap between course and fine grit papers. To get you started a 10-sheet Assorted Grit Ceramic Sandpaper set is included!

  • Access endless tight spots that other sanders can't reach and the thin profile fits into any size toolbox.

  • Abraded areas naturally feather outwards leaving the edges of large panels perfectly prepared to overlap with a powered orbital, palm, or sheet sander.


Products: SanderCards in two sizes, a Block Sander and Sandpaper Packs

SanderCard 125mm wide
For the majority of woodworking, bodywork and DIY tasks the larger 125mm sander is the ideal size, a perfect fit for the hand and great for pretty much anything you might use a Block Sander for. Excellent for abrading inside corners, sands against glass without scratching and accesses hard to reach places.

SanderCard Hobby 70mm wide
The Hobby version, 70mm wide, has the same qualities as the larger card only on a smaller scale, making it ideal for fine sanding, filing, detail work, model making, hobbies and crafting.

Hand Sanding Block
A professional quality Sanding Block made from tough Injection moulded (PUR) Polyurethane Elastomer. PUR is dense but light (not as light as foam and not as heavy as rubber). PUR has low compression and high wear resistance, ideal qualities for a Sanding Block. 125mm x70mm sanding face.

Sandpaper Packs
All our Sanders are packaged together with a 10 sheet pack of premium quality sandpaper to provide ready-to-go sanding for your Wood, Metal and DIY projects. Loop backed, 125mm x 70mm, Wet & Dry use. Also available to purchase separately.

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SanderCard sold in the USA
SanderCard available at Amazon

Get sanding straight away!

Included with all our sanders is a 10-sheet pack of Premium Ceramic Grit Sandpaper, Assorted grades, Wet & Dry with Hook & Loop backing.

If you like the Sandpaper? Packs are also available to buy from the Amazon stores.

Note that any hook & loop backed sandpaper brand can be used with this tool. Sheet size 125mm x 70mm or cut to size from rolls.

SanderCard UK Stockists
Available at Amazon_co_uk.png
SanderCard UK Stockists
SanderCard UK Stockists
SanderCard Block Sanders Available at
Canada Amazon.png
How it works

How it works

Uniquely, SanderCard uses its slight flexibility to apply force downwards towards the working edge of the card

This key feature really will allow you to sand right up into a corner and tightly against other surfaces without scratching or damaging them.

Abraded areas will naturally feather outwards

This is valuable with larger panels because it leaves a perfect feather-sanded edge for your powered orbital or sheet sander to safely overlap with, avoiding tool damage to edges and moldings. It's the perfect companion for your power sanders.

SanderCard sands on flat and mildly curved surfaces

With your fingers splayed behind the card, the slim profile of the tool gives you an unparalleled feel for sanding the surface beneath, sanding moldings, bevels, and car bodywork are simply more accurate because you have more control.

SanderCard sands with downward force using torque
SanderCard sands edges with torque

Product features & videos

SanderCard - Everything you need to know

Introduction video

Meet the SanderCard and see the benefits of having this sander as part of your toolkit. 


Time-Lapse Video: Cabinet door sanding

Hi-speed video - 90 seconds
Watch the SanderCard being used to sand edges, grooves, bevels, tight corners and into/under joinery gaps, all the areas where you don't want to lose the definition of the routed wooden profiles.


Once the card sander has done its work on the detail then all that's left is to whip through the large flat surfaces with a power sander.   


SanderCard vs Sanding Block Sponges.

Foam sanding blocks compared to a SanderCard

Longer Lasting

Typically sanding sponges wear out quickly, particularly on their corners and you need dozens of them in various grades and profiles to undertake a large task, unlike the SanderCard which will use any grade and brand of abrasive paper.


Firmer Abrasion

Sandercard is more efficient because the abrasive surface is flat, even and the pressure applied at the sanding edge is firm, exactly where you need it, unlike a sanding sponge that is soft along the abrasive surface and prone to collapse at the edges.


Better value

Sanding sponges are expensive and don't last very long, particularly at the sanding tips and corners. SanderCard utilises any hook & loop abrasive sheet and is strong on corners.


Smaller footprint

Saves workshop and toolbox space.

Reduce Landfill

Sanding sponges are bulky and non-biodegradable.

SanderCard vs Sanding Sponge Video

SanderCard Video - 1min. 45seconds

Watch how  SanderCard performs compared to a Sanding Sponge in this video. 


Sand tightly into corners

SanderCard sanding firmly into a corner

Sand firmly up to and into a corner, The flex in the card creates torque that produces an increased downward force at the sanding edge, this feature will really allow you to sand right up into a corner or tightly against another surface without damage to it.

Feathered edges

Abraded areas will naturally feather outwards too, as you flex abrasion is applied at the edge, you have control. 

Sand fillers flat and smooth with fingertip control

Sandpaper for wood

Fingertip control

The sanding surface is so close to your fingertips that you can feel the proud areas beneath, allowing you to manage the pressure required to get the flat finish that you are after.


Sands all surfaces

It's not just for wood, SanderCard is great for plaster wall repairs because it does not damage adjacent surfaces, making it particularly useful in corners where a wall meets a wall or where a wall meets the ceiling. It's waterproof too, so it's ideal for wet sanding car bodywork. 

Sandpaper Included

SanderCard ships complete with a premium quality 10 sheet Assorted Wet & Dry Grit Sandpaper set!

Sandpaper pack is also available separately from Amazon


Flat Surfaces and square edges

Keying paint with a hand sander

Sands Flat and Square

When the SanderCard is relaxed it is flat and it can be used like this. Use the face to sand flat areas, bevels and deburr square edges.


Same tool different surfaces

Be more productive as you switch effortlessly between detail, corner, and flat sanding with the same tool.


Sandpaper Included

SanderCard ships complete with a premium quality 10 sheet Assorted Wet & Dry Grit Sandpaper set!

Sandpaper pack is also available separately from Amazon



Economical use of sand paper

Fitting sand paper to a hand sander

Saves on abrasive paper 
Abrasive paper is expensive. With the SanderCard, as the edge of the abrasive paper becomes worn simply detach the paper, rotate, and use the other side, or move the paper along to an unused section, and cut off the waste, every millimeter of the paper can be used. This thing just paid for itself!  

Sandpaper Included

SanderCard ships complete with a premium quality 10 sheet Assorted Wet & Dry Grit Sandpaper set!



Sands squarely into panel corners.

Sanding into wood corners with a  hand sander

Perfect for panel corners
Corners can be a difficult thing to abrade. Sandercard makes light work of it. A twist of the tool to apply downward force along the working edge will ensure abrasion directly into corners.  

Sands into and under fine gaps

Sanding into a wooden join with a hand sander

Pro Tip!
Some gaps in joinery are intentional. To sand into fine gaps protrude the abrasive paper slightly at the sanding edge and the paper will slot into the gap, abrading and cleaning the join. 

Sands into tight spots

Sanding into difficult places witha  hand sander

It's a very thin hand sander
You'll be able to sand areas that sanding blocks cannot reach. In the workshop and every DIY project, there will always be hard-to-access  places. At only 2mm thick, the SanderCard will get you abrading in some very awkward spots.

Sandpaper Included

SanderCard ships complete with a premium quality 10 sheet Assorted Wet & Dry Grit Sandpaper set!


Sands grooves and profiles

Sanding grooves and profiles with a hand sander

Sand Profile Detail 
Sand into grooves and detail with ease. Using the SanderCard flat allows you to sand along profiles.


Grooves & Routed Corners

Wrap the abrasive paper around the end of the SanderCard to sand inside grooves and corner details.

Sandpaper Included

SanderCard ships complete with a premium quality 10 sheet Assorted Wet & Dry Grit Sandpaper set!


Small footprint.

Ultra-Thin Hand Sander Block

Fits into the smallest toolbox

Store it anywhere, keep it to hand, it doesn't need a lot of space. Even if you have no plans to sand anything, it's handy to have on board just in case a need arises.

Sandpaper Included

SanderCard ships complete with a premium quality 10 sheet Assorted Wet & Dry Grit Sandpaper set!


Doesn't damage ajoining surfaces

How to sand against surfaces without damaging them

Won't make more work for you
With many hand sanding tools and power sanders, the tool itself can mark or damage surrounding surfaces, the SanderCard's slim edge profile ensures that it won't.  


Smooth Leading edge

The smooth edge of the card can run directly against other surfaces without damaging them. Sand directly against glass, plasterwork, and other surfaces. It's great for preparing window frames and plaster wall corners.

Use standard hook&loop abrasive paper

125mm x 70mm Sandpaper

VELCRO® Brand Hook Component. 
The hook component on the SanderCard is an original VELCRO® Brand design. We've used these cards extensively in the workplace and have found this nylon component to be extremely tough, hardwearing, and waterproof.

Your Choice of Sandpaper : Use the SandPaper Brand you prefer

Use the SanderCard with other brands of 125mm x 70mm abrasive paper, we have and it hooked successfully to all brands of abrasive paper that we offered up to it.

SanderCard ships with a 10 sheet Sandpaper Pack Included

Get sanding immediately. Included with your two SanderCards is a Premium quality 10 sheet assorted Wet & Dry Sandpaper set.

Sandpaper pack is also available separately from Amazon

Product Specification

SanderCard Hand Sander

The main body is made from and marked as recyclable Polypropylene, the hook component is nylon. 

Abrasive paper size

SanderCard is designed for use with Hook & Loop fastened abrasive paper ideally sized at 125mm x 70mm. 125mm x 70mm is a standardized size used by many manufacturers.


Abrasive paper can also be cut to size from larger sheets or from rolls of hook & loop abrasive paper.

A 10 Sheet Assorted Grit Sandpaper Pack is supplied with the SanderCard


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